Match Club Lake – 24th October 2021

Sundays Match Result .

A great turn out on Sunday but for most it was tough going but well done to the framers.The next match is on the club lake and will be the 1st match of the Winter League. If you wish to enter the cost is £20 to be paid next match and will run for the last 10 matchesIf you have any questions regarding how the league runs then please don’t hesitate to call me If you are entering let me know either on here or by text




It has come to the attention of the Committee that over the past few weeks there has been evidence of members drinking alcohol and/or smoking illegal substances.

These activities not only risk personal injury but contravenes conditions of insurance, it also puts in jeopardy renewal of the lease which could mean Kingfishers Angling Club would no longer be able to use the lake.

In view of the possible consequences of such behaviour any member found drinking alcohol and/or smoking illegal substances will have their membership withdrawn with immediate effect.

We would ask all members to report to the Committee of any such instances.