Sunday 19th March – Club Lake

Winter League Wk7

Kevin Blake (2nd) and Colin Beales (1st) having a post match coffee

Overcast conditions with a light southwest wind – pretty much ideal fishing conditions – were what greeted the 13 members who turned out to fish the match on Sunday. The lake fished well again although one end fished harder than the other but that is just winter fishing for you.

Colin Beales had a good day with over 26lb of silver fish and 3 carp to take 1st place with 42lb 5oz from peg 27.

On the opposite side on peg 19 Kevin Blake caught mainly carp for34lb 9oz and 2nd place and then on peg 29 was Michael Tims with 31lb 15oz for 3rd on the day.

Sections went to Bob Isbell, Kelly Flood and Danny Warman.

Results sheet 19-3-23
Winter league after wk7

Sunday 5th March 2023 -Club Lake

Winter league Wk 6

Michael Tims with part of his 56lb 3oz winning catch

A cold damp day with light rain at times but very light winds. 13 anglers turned out for this match which produced some very good framing weights especially for the time of year.

Michael Tims was on peg 22 and had a great match with 13lb + of silvers to go with his 5 large carp giving him a winning total of 56lb 3oz

Chris Isbel was on the next peg (20) and had an early lead in the match but had to settle for second in the end with 41lb 6oz

Phil Pipe was on peg 18 and had another good weight of 34lb 12oz for 3rd

Sections went to Chris Tims, Ian Jones and Dave Jones.

Next match is on the Sunday 19th March 2023 9am draw fish 10am to 3pm

See you there…………………….

Results sheet 5th March 2023


Each full member is required to attend a minimum of one work party per year.  

Members over 70 are exempt but encouraged to attend to perform light duties only, if necessary.  Disabled and Juniors are also exempt, but are welcome to attend.

If a member is unable to attend a work party, they must inform the Secretary in writing at the earliest opportunity of the reason why they cannot attend.  The Committee will then decide if the member is exempt or not.  If the Committee does not accept the reason given for non-attendance then that member will incur an additional charge of £20 on top of their membership fee for that year.

The Club will hold three work parties on 25th& 26thMarch 2023 and 1st April 2023 as the lake will be shut for this week.

Please bring any tools eg shovels, rakes, tree loppers.  A work party will be 3.5 hours, 8.30am til 12pm. 

Please indicate which work party you will attend and reply to Stewie Marden by 11thMarch 2023.


or text:             07951 600289