Wednesday 19th June 2024 – Club Lake

Evening Series Week 4

The Lake before the Match – beautiful evening and not a bad place to spend 3 hours

Week 4 of this years Evening Series and a TOTALLY DRY evening! 10 of the usual suspects turned up to compete and with the done it was off to get set up.

Mark Seaman was on peg 28 and although he got off to a slow start (by his standards), he still mananged to claim 1st place again with 56lb 14oz. Chris Tims was on peg 27 and had 55lb for 2nd and Wayne Staddon was on peg 29 this week and had 33lb 3oz for 3rd. So a repeat of last weeks frame just with smaller (closer) weights.

Sections went to Martin Miles and Pete Crawley

1st Mark Seaman 56lb 14oz

2nd Chris Tims 55lb

3rd Wayne Staddon 33lb 3oz

So next week is the last week and Chris is still leading Mark by 27lb 10oz but who knows how it will finish up – just have to wait and see ……………See you there…………

Results sheet Evening wk4 19-6-24
Evening Series League Table Wk4 19-6-24

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Wednesday 12th June 2024 – Club Lake

Evening Series Week 3

The customary rain was falling at the draw but, despite this, 10 anglers were ready to compete in this evenings match and, with the draw complete, the rain stopped and did not return for the entire evening.

Mark Seaman drew peg 17 and put together a spectacular weight of 95lb 4oz for 1st place this week. Chris Tims was on peg 10 and was a bit off the pace this week with only 72lb 7oz for 2nd and Wayne Staddon was on peg 14 and weighed in 51lb 10oz to take 3rd

Sections went to Tony Rayner and Simon Harrold

Mark’s 95lb weight is the biggest I have seen in a 3hr match in the Evening series, not sure if it might be a club record? I am sure someone will know and let me know……. but record or not it is an outstanding weight – now someone will just have to break the ton – maybe next week……………………….see you there………….

1st Mark Seaman 95lb 4oz

2nd Chris Tims 72lb 7oz

3rd Wayne Staddon 51lb 10oz

Results sheet Evening SeriesWeek3

Friday 7th June – Club Lake

Night Match 1

5 members braved the vagaries of the June weather to fish the first night match on the club lake fishing through the night fro 8pm to 5am.

Chris Isbel ran out the winner by some margin off peg 24 with 102lb 13oz followed by Billy Watson on peg 29 with 74lb 2oz for 2nd and Bob Isbel on 28 had 61lb 8oz for 3rd

1st Chris Isbel 102lb 13oz

2nd Billy Watson 74lb 2oz

3rd Bob Isbel 61lb 8oz

Night match 1 Results 7-6-24

Wednesday 5th June 2024 – Club lake

Evening Series Week 2

A cool evening with light winds and just the odd spot of rain were the conditions for this weeks match and, with a bigger turnout of 10 anglers, pegging was on both sides of the lake.

Simon Harrold went one place better this week taking top spot from peg 21 with 56lb of mainly carp, catching in the margins on chick peas or meat.

Mark Seaman and Chris Tims had a peg to peg battle on 27 and 28 for second place with Mark shading it by 4oz! Mark weighing in 49lb 10oz to Chris’s 49lb 6oz.

Sections went to Wayne Staddon and Tony Rayner. Overall the lake fished quite well and a good time was had by all

So, Simon’s win puts him top of the league ahead of Chris with Mark in third (after just one match) but there is still all to play for over the next 3 weeks……. why not come and have a go next week…………See You There…………

1st Simon Harrold 56lb

2nd Mark Seaman 49lb 10oz

3rd Chris Tims 49lb 6oz

Results Sheet Evening Week 2 5-6-24
League Table Evening Series after Wk 2