Each full member is required to attend a minimum of one work party per year.

Senior Citizens over 65 are exempt but encouraged to attend to perform light duties only,

Disabled, Juniors and Female members are also exempt.

If a full members fails to attend a work party and the Committee does not accept the reason given for non attendance then you will not be allowed to renew at the membership rate of £50 but will incur an additional penalty of £20 similar to that of a new member.

Full members who feel that they have genuine exemption reasons must put these in writing to the Secretary at the earliest opportunity. The Committee will decide whether you are exempt or not.

We will hold four work parties this year, please bring appropriate tools e.g. power tools, petrol strimmers, shovels, spades, wheelbarrows, chainsaws, rakes, tree loppers, etc.

A work party will be of 3 hours duration (9:00 am to Noon).

Please arrive by 08:30 for jobs to be allocated. There will not be any collection of subs at the work parties.

This year work parties will take place on the 2nd and 3rd April, and the 9th and 10th April.

During that week the lake will be closed for fishing.

Any member found fishing during this time will be subject to dismissal from the club.

Keith Morley Club Secretary.