North Walsham Kingfishers AGM

21st April 2022

N.W. KINGFISHERS 2022 A.G.M. will be on the 21st April at the Kings Arms Hotel N.Walsham at 7:30. to be followed by a buffet & prize presentation. Subs may be paid after the presentations, cheques payable to North Walsham Kingfishers A.C, and in cash to Chris Owen the Treasurer.

Subs may also be sent to K Morley 2 Randell Close, N. Walsham NR28 9AQ.

Or paid in cash to Chris Owen at Trunch Stores

Or via BACS : A/C N.W. Kingfishers Sort Code 30-98-97 Account No 35865462.

£50 Full Members, £45 Seniors & Disabled, £12.50 for Juniors.

Should any member wish to raise any matter at the A.G.M. please write to the Chairman Kelly Flood 7 days prior to the meeting. Write to Kelly Flood, 79 The Medway, Cromer Road, North Walsham NR28 0HB.

A new Rule will be added relating to alcohol consumption and drug taking plus additional text in ‘Additional Rules’ Rule 2 concerning membership identification.

The lake will be closed from 2nd April to 10th April.

In normal circumstances you would have a copy of the previous year AGM Minutes. Two years have passed and therefore it is felt that they are out of date. I have copied below the update sent in April last year which is more relevant.

As we have not had an A.G.M. for two years now due to COVID restrictions I thought I’d give you a mini up date in its absence.

Although we lost a few weeks of fishing from mid March we were thankful for a restart (unfortunately no matches) by mid May, due mainly to pressure groups such as The Angling Trust who lobbied Government on behalf of the angling community, many thanks to them.

Finances are looking good with a balance of over £10,000.00.and subs remain the same for 2021 -2022.

Although work parties have been cancelled for two years maintenance work has been carried out by a few dedicated members in order to keep the lake and pegs etc in good condition. This has included a great deal of hard work especially following the gales which resulted in trees falling into the lake, we owe them many thanks. The condition of the lake water itself continues to be excellent.

Membership numbers are healthy, for 2020-21 we have a total of 181,

94 seniors, 53 full, 7 disabled, 19 juniors, 8 honorary. Comprising of :-

158 male, 4 female, 17 male juniors, 2 female juniors. There are 25 currently on the waiting list.

The new web site is now up and running and looking great, many thanks to Chris Tims. Like the old one it will include match results, club match calendar, catch reports, pictures plus other relevant information and club news with more features to follow.