Saturday 5th August 2023 – Club Lake

Juniors Match No. 2

The second Juniors match took place at the lake with less than perfect weather conditions – so well done for turning out to fish.

Finely Blackwell improved on his last match by winning this one and managing to win the 2 match series as well with a total weight of 42lb 7oz

Results for 5-8-23

1st Finely Blackwell 35lb 9oz

2n Luke Beswick 17lb 13oz

3rd Anna Warman 14lb 12oz

4th Matthew Warman 7lb 6oz


1st Finely Blackwell 42lb 7oz

2nd Anna Warman 24lb

3rd Luke Beswick 22lb

4th Matthew Warman 10lb 10oz

Hope you enjoyed your matches and the prizes and vouchers you received and we hope to see you at next years matches.

Thanks again to Wensum Valley Angling for their kind support for these matches

Results from 5-8-23