Sunday 13th August 2023 – Club Lake

Waggler Only Match

The match was well attended with 15 fishing and after some discussion about rules and what was and was not permitted – basically overhead cast and no margin fishing – the draw took place and we all got started.

Chris Tims drew peg 29 and only had 1 carp but had a good day on the skimmers after quite a slow start to put 44lb 13oz on the scales for 1st place

Dave Harvey was up on 24 and had 5 carp plus a a few silvers for 30lb 8oz and 2nd place

Ivan Allen took 3rd place and was down on peg 5 and did well to catch 23lb 13oz while most around him struggled

Sections went to Bob, Andy, Michael and Marty

Next week it is the Roy Turton Memorial 2+2 pole match