Sunday 21st August 2022 – Club Lake

Roy Turton Memorial “2+2” Match

1`6 members took part in this Sundays Match, remembering Roy Turton and, because of his love of fishiong short, the contest was restricted to a top 2 plus 2 sections of pole approach.

The lake fished very well with 543lb 6oz of fish weighed in which even with 2 DNWs gives an average of 33lb 15oz per angler.

Chris Tims was on peg 18 and had a good day coming out in top spot with 73lb 1oz of mainly carp.

2nd place was Chris Isbell on peg 27 who had over 30lb of silvers to go with his 5 carp for a 60lb 7oz total.

3rd was Martin Meek on peg 31 who put 56lb 13oz on the scales

Section winners were: Simon Harrold, Colin Beales, Ian Jones and Michael Tims

Results sheet from Roy Turton 2+ 2 match