Wednesday 30th June 2021 – Club Lake

If you wanted a grandstand finish to this the last match of this years evening series, then this match had it all.

Will Abbs was lying third in the league with over 20lb to make up on long time leader Chris Tims, but he proceeded to win his 3rd match of the series from peg 27 with a huge 79lb 8oz consisting of 8 carp plus 18lb of silvers.

This catapulted him to the top of the league with a comfortable 26lb lead over Chris Tims and Ian Jones who ended up 2nd and third in the league standings.

Well done Will – a great weight in 3 hours – which rounds off a very enjoyable and well contested evening series. Roll on next year…….

Results on the night

1st Will Abbs 79lb

2nd Ian Jones 45lb

3rd Chris Tims 32lb

Section winners were Simon & Billy

Thanks to Marty for running this series of enjoyable matches from all who took part.

Evening 5 results

Kingfishers Evening Series 2021

Week 1 2-6-21Week 2 9-6-21Week 3 16-6-21Week 4 23-6-21Week 5 30-6-21Total weight
Will Abbs55lb 11oz23lb 4oz39lb 12oz16lb 4oz79lb 8oz214lb 7oz
Chris Tims43lb 8oz59lb 4oz20lb 14oz33lb32lb188lb 10oz
Ian Jones39lb 2oz35lb 8oz29lb 12oz38lb 8oz45lb187lb 14oz
Simon Harrold023lb 8oz034lb 8oz31lb 6oz89lb 6oz
Mark Seaman35lb 4oz34lb 4oz19lb 12oz0089lb 4oz
Martin Meek18lb 2oz14lb 6oz20lb 4oz17lb 8oz18lb 12oz89lb
Pete Cranley018lb 4oz29lb16lb 12oz16lb 8oz80lb 8oz
Dave Harvey19lb 12oz30lb 12oz5lb 12oz08lb64lb 4oz
Rob Wagner022lb 12oz37lb 12oz0060lb 8oz
Martin Miles07lb8lb 8oz18lb 4oz16lb 14oz50lb 10oz
Stuart Marden08lb 8oz023lb 12oz9lb 8oz41lb 12oz
Billy Watson20lb 8oz00020lb 12oz41lb 4oz
Ivan Allan23lb 1oz000023lb 1oz
Phil Pipe0019lb 8oz0019lb 8oz
Tony Rayner006lb 3oz12lb 4oz018lb 7oz
Kai Bryan00014lb 4oz014lb 4oz
Jackie Mortar0008lb 12oz08lb 12oz

Final league positions by total weight

Will Abbs214lb 7oz
Chris Tims188lb 10oz
Ian Jones187lb 14oz
Simon Harrold89lb 6oz
Mark Seaman89lb 4oz
Martin Meek89lb
Pete Cranley80lb 8oz
Dave Harvey64lb 4oz
Rob Wagner60lb 8oz
Martin Miles50lb 10oz
Stuart Marden41lb 12oz
Billy Watson41lb 4oz
Ivan Allan23lb 1oz
Phil Pipe19lb 8oz
Tony Rayner18lb 7oz
Kai Bryan14lb 4oz
Jackie Mortar8lb 12oz