Winter League Starts 7th November.

Just a reminder of winter at the lake

The next match is on the club lake and will be the 1st match of the Winter League.

If you wish to enter the cost is £20 to be paid next match and will run for the last 10 matches.

How winter league works

You get a point for whatever place you finish in the match

Eg. 1st 1pt. 2nd 2pts 7th 7pts

If there are 15 anglers in the league the most points you can have is 15

If wk 3 only 7 anglers turn up the other 8 receive 8pts


So you could win week 1 (1pt)

5th week 2 (5pts)

Do Not Fish (DNF) week 3 but 9 anglers do fish (10pts)

In total you would have 16pts

The league table will be kept by the Match Secretary and will be available to view on the website and facebook group, so you can keep up to date with how you are doing.

Hopefully we will have a good entry and a good close competition through the winter

If you have any questions regarding how the league runs then please don’t hesitate to contact Martin Meek